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We are a micro-goat dairy in La Plata County and the only FDA approved mobile milking parlor in Colorado. We produce artisan, handcrafted,  goats-milk soft cheeses as well as a gluten-free goat ricotta cheesecake. Our dairy goats are rotationally grazed on fresh pasture daily using regenerative agricultural practices designed to build the best soil. Our goats are supplemented with a seed mixture that does not contain any soy or corn additives. They are non-vaccinated and are dewormed using dung beetle friendly methods. The goats are milked in a mobile milking parlor twice a day. Breen Mesa Farm also hosts Veterans Homestead Project, a non-profit organization that aims to teach regenerative agriculture and homestead farm skills to disabled combat veterans.

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Veterans Homestead Project (VHP) aims to provide combat veterans with education on regenerative agricultural practices through hands-on instruction. We hope that our work paves a potential path for a sense of pride, contribution and fulfillment as well as a permanent source of sustainable income, community, and camaraderie to our fellow veterans. Through connecting with the soil, animals, and plants in a rejuvenating and regenerating way, VHP serves as a form of therapy while supporting functional reintegration back into civilian society. 



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